Friday, March 28, 2014

Missing those mountains

Lately as the weather is getting warmer here in RVA, I have found myself missing my mountains in Utah. Let me start by saying my home in Utah was at an elevation of 4756 feet, so while these east coast mountains are beautiful, they are about as tall as the elevation of my Utah home.

I have this craving to go to Southern Utah and hike all over the mountains, canyons and rocks there. I want to go to Brighton (base elevation 8,755 feet) and shred the mountain to pieces. I want to go camping at Aspen Grove and hike to Stewart Falls and Mountain Bike in Sundance ... 

I plan on getting my mountain fix in June when Chad and I are out there for baby bro's wedding. Until then these pictures will have to do. 

* sigh* take me back

 photo sign_zps684bf94b.png

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  1. I miss Utah mountains practically being in my front yard! But Washington has Mt. Rainier..... and that is actually lovely.