Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A word to med school spouses ...


First view this ... because it is accurate 95% of the time. 

It is a well known fact that med school is no walk in the park, and the naivety of those who say it's 
"the good life" 
will drive med students and spouses mad. 

The typical med student day looks like this: 
wake at 6 am
school 8 am - 5 pm
study 5 pm - 2 am

Granted there are days when this is less or more depending on exam schedules. Recently, I have overheard med student spouses talking to first year spouses or future med school spouses about how Hellish the experience is. 

This makes me so mad. 

It might be that Chad does an excellent job of giving me the attention I need, but I think in reality being married to a med student simply is not that hard. I hate when spouses say, "I feel like a single mom," or "I haven't spoken to my husband in months," or "you will never EVER see your spouse." 

Just stop.

If I have learned anything it is that med school is what you make of it. If you want to do your spouse a "favor" by not talking to them for months so they can study, that is your choice. For Chad & I we choose to carve out time to talk with one another. We even cuddle, eat ice cream, and *gasp* watch How I Met Your Mother episodes.

Yes, there are times when it is harder to see each other, * boards anyone ? * *rotations ? *
Maybe I'm only a first year spouse, and things get harder ...
but my sweeping declaration for all future med student spouses out there, "Med school is an amazing, wonderful experience. You make it what you want, and you can in fact spend time with your spouse!"

I want to hear from YOU! Have a med student spouse? How do you find time to be with each other? How does having kids change the med school experience? (<--- really want to know about this one)
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