Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The scrubs with HIV

My dear darling husband got to scrub in for surgery yesterday (his first time ever!) and he absolutely LOVED IT! After an M3 (third year medical student) got queasy and almost passed out the trauma surgeon Chad's been shadowing asked him to scrub in. 

The surgery was on a patient who had HIV and needed a bowel resection. 
In terms the everyday person (me) can understand ... this patient had something dying in their stomach that needed to be taken out.

Chad said it was awesome and he got to help move the patient around, hence him getting blood on his scrubs.

Later that day, I walk through our front door and notice a plastic bag laying on the floor. Not thinking much of it I give Chad and Hobbes a kiss and go about my homemaking business. After a few minutes Chad said, "oh hey don't worry about washing those scrubs, I just return them to the hospital." Me, super excited that I don't have to wash scrubs, "OK awesome." A few more minutes pass and Chad goes, "Yeah those scrubs have HIV blood on them ..."


I think my blood pressure went from normal to cardiac arrest status faster than a Ferrari goes from 0 to 60. 
Me, "What?!?!"
Chad ever so cooly, "Oh it's no big deal, you won't get HIV from them."

Of course right as those words left Chad's lips Hobbes starts prancing over towards the plastic bag to explore what's in it. Without having to say anything Chad gets up and suggests that he "move the HIV laden scrubs elsewhere."

Yes, that would make more sense.
I don't need an HIV infected kitty running around the house.
Med school certainly keeps us on our toes, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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  1. LOL! That cracks me up. Kittens are the best.

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